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College Counselor’s Corner: March Madness

There are two weeks to go until break. Before it starts, we at the Hudson School expect positive college results, warmer temperatures, strong score reports, and appropriate course selections. March Madness for Real! UVA, cited for defensive prowess and slower-than-average speed on the court, is the top seed in the NCAA playoffs this year. As [...]

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Students Reflect on Cuba Service Trip

Over the mid-winter break, some students of The Hudson School went on a school-sponsored service trip to Cuba. Below are some of their reflections. Senna, 8th Grade We could have gone to any developing country; they all need our help, but we chose Cuba, and that had a massive impact on me. It, not only, [...]

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Theatre Collective at The Hudson School

SAVE THE DATE! Announcing the second annual Theatre Collective @ The Hudson School! Two weekends of entertainment from the teachers, by the teachers, for you! BODY OF WORK By Adam Sentoni Starring: Jack Coggins, Adam Sentoni, & Florence Pape Directed by Adam Sentoni FRIDAY MAR 2nd at 7:00 PM SAT MAR 3rd at 2:00 & 7:00 PM [...]

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The Hudson School Diversity Conference 2018

Hudson representatives at the SDLC in Anaheim, CA Each year, The Hudson School sends a few upper school students to the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference. The students leave the conference feeling inspired, motivated, and excited. The Hudson Diversity Conference was created in response to this excitement. At Hudson, we want all of [...]

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Transportation Reimbursement 2018-19

If you reside in one of the districts listed below, you are probably eligible for reimbursement for your transportation costs for your child. If you qualify, you could get nearly $900 per school year paid back to you by your district of residence! If your child will be attending The Hudson School in 2018-19 and you live in one of the districts listed [...]

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Beyond the Book: Exploring Claudia Rankine’s Citizen at The Hudson School

Poet Crystal Valentine On Friday, February 2nd, the students of The Hudson School had the opportunity to participate in a series of activities related to Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine. Hudson’s English department organized the first annual “Beyond the Book” day, this year devoting a range of interactive activities to complement [...]

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Mock Trial Courts Success

Poised, persuasive and persistent, our upper school Mock Trial Team delivered stellar legal representation this week for both prosecution and defense. They earned a place in the quarterfinals and it was well deserved. Congratulations to Coach Jonathan Himmelstein who has worked long hours providing encouragement along with sound legal advice in language that our young [...]

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Songwriting: June 18-29

with Mr. Steven Taylor June 18-29 (M-F) 12-3 pm Grades 6-12 $350 Learn how to build and write songs! Explore song structure, techniques, lyric rhyming and more. The Songwriting summer program will consist of creative writing exercises, music theory (focus on chords), song studying and an end of program performance. We will discuss different ways [...]

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Leadership: June 19-July 20

with Ms. Amanda Sawyer-Dedimus Potestatem June 19-July 20 (Tues and Fri) 3:30-4:40pm Ages 8-13 $350 What do Yoda, Martin Luther King Jr., and Maya Angelou all have in common? Their ability to affect and influence others was unquestionable-but their real power lay in the way they could empower people. People followed Dr. King through torment [...]

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