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Director of Development and Communications for The Hudson School.

College Counselor’s Corner: We’re Getting Close

Dear Parents, We’re getting close. Within two weeks, certainly by the time March Madness concludes, seniors will have received the bulk of their admissions decisions. Juniors who took the March 11 SAT will soon find out their test scores, while others await the April 8 ACT. Here are some other noteworthy developments on the college [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Spring Ahead

Last week, we wondered if March would go out like a lamb, rewarding our fine applicants with offers of admission. Since then, we've been getting reacquainted with winter and the many issues associated with the college process. As you prepare to spring ahead this weekend, here are some noteworthy items. Answering the Dreaded Question Continuing [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: On the March

Dear Parents, Sure enough, March is coming in like a lion. But for college applicants awaiting their decisions, will it go out like a lamb? Many colleges aren’t announcing admissions decisions until the very end of the month—some even later. So here are some things parents and students can do in March. Learn How to [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Showcasing Performance

Dear Parents, Just as we can’t control who wins Academy Awards, we can’t control college acceptances (although we’d really like to). But we can encourage our students to do their best, providing them with our support and counsel. At The Hudson School, our head Paul Perkinson often says, “Work hard. Be kind.” I recount this [...]

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2017 Board of Trustees Dinner Thanks

We are so grateful to our Board of Trustees, Amanda’s Restaurant, all the attendees and sponsors of the annual dinner at Amanda’s restaurant. We raised nearly $42,000 for our financial aid fund!

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2017 Summer Programs In Residence at The Hudson School

All summer offerings at The Hudson School are open to any interested students within the age requirements listed below, in addition to our Hudson School community. WORLD PEACE GAME A hands-on political simulation for middle school students Monday, June 26- Friday, June 30 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Open to [...]

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Hudson Presents a Walk in the Woods

Hudson teachers Jack Coggins, John Koeppl and Vivian Hasbrouk have been working diligently on a Lee Blessing play entitled A WALK IN THE WOODS.  Two arms negotiators stroll in the woods above Geneva, Switzerland, in the late summer, away from the glare of the negotiating table. They are a Soviet diplomat, Andrey Botvinnik age 57, [...]

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