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Former Director of Development and Communications for The Hudson School.

College Counselor’s Corner: There’s So Much Going On In The College Process!

College-related topics continue to make headlines. New Jersey’s own Scott White, a veteran school and independent counselor, wrote about the harm students caused themselves by taking too demanding a course load in high school. As recapped in Inside Higher Ed, the phrase “We expect applicants to take the most demanding schedule available to them” can actually “send [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: What’s New in the New Year?

Happy New Year! A new year—a time to refresh. What, not in your household? If you find yourself fearing the new year because it includes your child and the college process, try to relax. Remember that more knowledge helps fuel good planning while reducing stress. It’s Still All About Applying Early Last month, many students heard [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: 2018 College Planning Seminars (Open to the Public)

Tuesday, January 23, 7pm Testing Post-PSAT in a High-Stakes Environment Insights from Test-Prep Experts Nina Berler, College Counselor, The Hudson School Anna Gazumyan-Silverman, Noodle Pros   Tuesday, February 27, 7pm Mapping and Financing Your Student’s College Future Securing the Undergraduate Experience Paul Perkinson, Head of School, The Hudson School Nina Berler, College Counselor, The Hudson [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Getting Ready for the Holidays

Holidays are in the air. As I walk the halls this morning, students are immersed in their lessons. Faculty are doing their best to get as much knowledge and information into your students as possible before break. Early Decision and Early Action By next week at this time, many Early applicants will know their fate. [...]

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Parents’ Association Update 12/5/17: Holiday Fundraisers and Internet Safety Seminar

A few upcoming reminders for the week. Tonight (12/5, 6-8 pm) we have a very special Holiday shopping event.  All week you can shop online at Little City Books and 20% of every purchase goes to the Scholarship Fund! We hope parents can make it to Little City Books tonight (Hoboken) for the special wine and cheese shopping event they planned [...]

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Meet the Teachers: Catharine Baldwin

Meet Ms. Baldwin! Drama 5, Drama 6, History 6, Reading/Advisory 6, Science 6, 6th Grade Co-Coordinator Where did you grow up? What was it like to grow up there? Where did you go to school and what was that like? Did it have an impact on your choice of career? I was born in Dallas, [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: From the Counselor’s Perspective

As I approached the second floor this morning, I heard holiday music playing in the background. December is exciting, and it's a month of anticipation. For Early applicants, decisions are close at hand. For seniors and juniors, a look at the first trimester grades this week hopefully reinforced an important message: success and rigor are huge [...]

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Meet the Teachers: Frederic Fontaine

Frederic Fontaine Math 5, French C, Algebra 2, AP Statistics Where did you grow up? What was it like to grow up there? Where did you go to school and what was that like? Did it have an impact on your choice of career? I grew up in France, in a suburban environment not far [...]

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