College Counselor’s Corner: Hot Colleges

College Counselor's Corner It’s National Writing Day, the best day for posting a blog! Besides, in the world of college counseling, there’s no shortage of information to write about. Hot Colleges Another computer science building is slated to open at the University of Washington, alma mater of star Hudson counselor Chris Baker. The building, named for Bill [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Uncertainty is Part of the Process

Is it Early Decision time—or indecision time? As we approach mid-October, it’s not unusual to hear that seniors are changing their minds. It could be about the Common App Personal Essay, drafted last spring but now a real upload. Maybe a “better qualified” friend is applying to the same college, and that top choice has somehow [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Full Plates, Early Deadlines, Standardized Tests… Stay Informed

Think the holidays are the busiest time of year? Those of us in the business of college disagree. Our plates, along with those of your wonderful students, are very full. Between Early deadlines, standardized tests, financial aid, interviews and Naviance, we are experiencing somewhat of an adrenaline rush. For parents, the best solution is to [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: 2017 College Financial Aid Seminar

Every fall, Hudson arranges with the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) for a speaker on financial aid. This year, we will welcome Woodrow Lewis on October 25. Mr. Lewis has worked with professional organizations, universities and student leadership programs around the country. He presents on various topics including financial aid, student retention, financial literacy and first-generation [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: College is Becoming a Reality to Seniors

College is becoming a reality to our seniors. As we near the end of the first month of school, some applicants are questioning their course choices, wondering if they should redo their essays, and adding some interesting choices to their college lists. The uncertainty is to be expected, but please set up a meeting with me if you [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Business is Booming

We're only three weeks into the school year, and business is booming in Room 203, Hudson's college counseling office. Students are stopping in for help with applications, list refinements and upcoming interviews. I'm also getting to know parents of underclassmen who want to know more about the college search and testing. Thank you for trusting your student [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: What Lies Ahead?

Around the country, college students have moved in. (Barack and Michelle moved Malia into Harvard during the eclipse, the day before her fellow freshmen arrived.) As you watched your student go (back) to Hudson, were you thinking about what lies ahead? We understand the stress associated with the college process, and we’ll do our best [...]

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College Counselors Corner: Summer Mode

Dear Parents, Next week, students take final exams and switch into summer mode—unless they’re college-bound or rising seniors. Those in Junior Seminar are going home with drafts of their personal essay and ZeeMee supplement. While away from Hudson, they can access a shared doc with a suggested college list. Hopefully, their short list will be [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Let’s Make a Deal

Dear Parents, Until recently, the media has focused on college applicants and their admissions decisions. With National College Decision Day behind us, we’re seeing more about the colleges themselves, including their financials, business models and attributes. Let’s make a deal at Juniata! Colleges That Discount Some students are taking their financial aid offers [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Juniors Get Ready

Dear Parents, There are only so many weeks left of school. Aside from preparing for TED talks, SATs, ACTs and finals, juniors must draft their Common App Personal Essay. (It’s due next Wednesday.) For them, the process you’ve been hearing about—or perhaps experienced with another child—is heating up. So read on, and soak up what [...]

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