College Counselor’s Corner: From the Counselor’s Perspective

As I approached the second floor this morning, I heard holiday music playing in the background. December is exciting, and it's a month of anticipation. For Early applicants, decisions are close at hand. For seniors and juniors, a look at the first trimester grades this week hopefully reinforced an important message: success and rigor are huge [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Social Media in Admissions

College Counselor's Corner Dear Parents, The hallways have been noticeably quieter this week with your students off in the field. But for all matters college, we're here to heighten awareness. Testing As promised, College Board released November scores in quite the timely manner. We expect the PSAT results to come our way in early December, and [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: The Saga Continues

College Counselor's Corner Cold temps remind us that holidays are approaching, as are more notification and submission dates. If you are the parent of a present or prospective applicant, we're here with a (somewhat) warmer take on college admissions. Testing: The Saga Continues . . . Test Results College Board reports that results of its November 4 [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Application Process Continues

November started off with a bang. While the Dodgers were getting crushed by the Astros, many students were still editing and uploading essays to make an 11:59 p.m. Early deadline. Congratulations to all of them for surviving the experience! In about about six weeks, applicants will know heir fate. The Application Process (Continued) Earlier that day, I led [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: No Time Like the Present

Today at The Hudson School, we're celebrating Halloween. Unfortunately, the college process is more often associated with tricks (i.e, preferential treatment in admissions, nasty testing) than treats. So this Early Decision witch is here to share knowledge to get you the desired treat: a happy ending. Testing What’s going on with SAT Subject Tests, once a great measure of ability [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Hot Colleges

College Counselor's Corner It’s National Writing Day, the best day for posting a blog! Besides, in the world of college counseling, there’s no shortage of information to write about. Hot Colleges Another computer science building is slated to open at the University of Washington, alma mater of star Hudson counselor Chris Baker. The building, named for Bill [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Uncertainty is Part of the Process

Is it Early Decision time—or indecision time? As we approach mid-October, it’s not unusual to hear that seniors are changing their minds. It could be about the Common App Personal Essay, drafted last spring but now a real upload. Maybe a “better qualified” friend is applying to the same college, and that top choice has somehow [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Full Plates, Early Deadlines, Standardized Tests… Stay Informed

Think the holidays are the busiest time of year? Those of us in the business of college disagree. Our plates, along with those of your wonderful students, are very full. Between Early deadlines, standardized tests, financial aid, interviews and Naviance, we are experiencing somewhat of an adrenaline rush. For parents, the best solution is to [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: 2017 College Financial Aid Seminar

Every fall, Hudson arranges with the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) for a speaker on financial aid. This year, we will welcome Woodrow Lewis on October 25. Mr. Lewis has worked with professional organizations, universities and student leadership programs around the country. He presents on various topics including financial aid, student retention, financial literacy and first-generation [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: College is Becoming a Reality to Seniors

College is becoming a reality to our seniors. As we near the end of the first month of school, some applicants are questioning their course choices, wondering if they should redo their essays, and adding some interesting choices to their college lists. The uncertainty is to be expected, but please set up a meeting with me if you [...]

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