College Counselors Corner: Summer Mode

Dear Parents, Next week, students take final exams and switch into summer mode—unless they’re college-bound or rising seniors. Those in Junior Seminar are going home with drafts of their personal essay and ZeeMee supplement. While away from Hudson, they can access a shared doc with a suggested college list. Hopefully, their short list will be [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Let’s Make a Deal

Dear Parents, Until recently, the media has focused on college applicants and their admissions decisions. With National College Decision Day behind us, we’re seeing more about the colleges themselves, including their financials, business models and attributes. Let’s make a deal at Juniata! Colleges That Discount Some students are taking their financial aid offers [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Juniors Get Ready

Dear Parents, There are only so many weeks left of school. Aside from preparing for TED talks, SATs, ACTs and finals, juniors must draft their Common App Personal Essay. (It’s due next Wednesday.) For them, the process you’ve been hearing about—or perhaps experienced with another child—is heating up. So read on, and soak up what [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: And they’re off . . .

Dear Parents, And they’re off . . . Could we have a bigger week for celebration (other than the last week of school)? Monday, May 1, was National College Decision Day, when accepted students officially committed to a college. Today, of course, is el cinco de mayo. Knowing it falls on a Friday will likely [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Get Set

Dear Parents, As we get set for the homestretch, Hudson students are busy with classes, projects, exams and, for juniors, standardized tests. Of course, nothing stands still in the world of college admissions. Here are some newsworthy items. Keep it in Perspective This week, Valerie Strauss of  the Washington Post warned students not to “romanticize [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Spring Break Destination

Dear Parents, For my Spring Break destination, I didn’t choose Iceland, though I am envious of those who got to go. Instead, I combined business and pleasure in a whirlwind college adventure, stopping at 19 campuses in DC, Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. When touring, I checked admissions offices for materials (and to see how [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Out Like a Lion

Dear Parents, March goes out like a lamb. March Madness ends in March. High school seniors now know their options for college... April Fool! This application cycle again proved that nothing is final, except maybe the Final Four. Final Four Fun Facts Interesting non-sports trivia about the Final Four: South Carolina Gamecocks. This university system [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: It’s All About Time

Dear Parents, Handling acceptances. Coming up with waitlist strategies. Getting over rejection. It’s all playing out this week for seniors. At the same time, our juniors are getting their feet wet in the process. Not only are they planning college tours, many for spring break, but they’re also learning the ins and outs of essay [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: We’re Getting Close

Dear Parents, We’re getting close. Within two weeks, certainly by the time March Madness concludes, seniors will have received the bulk of their admissions decisions. Juniors who took the March 11 SAT will soon find out their test scores, while others await the April 8 ACT. Here are some other noteworthy developments on the college [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Spring Ahead

Last week, we wondered if March would go out like a lamb, rewarding our fine applicants with offers of admission. Since then, we've been getting reacquainted with winter and the many issues associated with the college process. As you prepare to spring ahead this weekend, here are some noteworthy items. Answering the Dreaded Question Continuing [...]

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