College Counselor’s Corner: March Madness

There are two weeks to go until break. Before it starts, we at the Hudson School expect positive college results, warmer temperatures, strong score reports, and appropriate course selections. March Madness for Real! UVA, cited for defensive prowess and slower-than-average speed on the court, is the top seed in the NCAA playoffs this year. As [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Getting the Power Back!

This week, you may have felt the effects of the storm, especially if you lost power. That may apply to students in a different sort of way. Seniors may have been deferred from their top-choice colleges or are simply waiting, not knowing their fate. For juniors, March is a rather intense month as well, with pressures to keep up grades, [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: March Roars In! What Will It Mean for College Applicants?

March is certainly coming in like a lion this year; anyone walking the streets of Hoboken knows it. But inside The Hudson School, we're focused on our classes, including students who started Junior Seminar with me this morning. Writing the Personal Essay makes college a reality. Testing Next Saturday, March 10, many juniors will take their first SAT. For [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Things to Know Before You Break

It’s not an average day at The Hudson School. Some students and faculty, including head Paul Perkinson, are off on their service trip to Cuba. Students here are participating in Diversity Day, organized by master craftsman Chris Baker. As they gain insight, let me offer up the latest on all things college. Geographic Diversity Those [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: It’s All About Economics!

When it comes to everything college, money really talks. Whether it relates to saving for your student's education, institutional fundraising or tuition, read on to see how economics plays a role. And be sure to attend our February 27seminar, Mapping Your Student’s College Future: Insightful College Selection and Financing. To register, just submit the form at Who Can Raise [...]

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College Counselor’s Corner: Getting Ready for February

What should a parent of a high school student expect in February? A continuation of what was going on in January! Hopefully, this post will keep you up-to-date with the college process and what we're doing here at Hudson to support your student. Hot College (Locations) Which small-to-medium sized city, also a college town, tops the [...]

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College Counselors Corner: Conference Worthy Information

Football may on a brief hiatus, but the college process takes no rest in January. Read on to find out what issues may affect your student's future. Seminar Series Thanks to so many of you for turning out Tuesday night for our inaugural seminar, Testing Post-PSAT in a High-Stakes Environment. After a brief introduction of college counseling at Hudson, [...]

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