College Counselor’s Corner: Special Edition Focusing on College-Prep Seminars

It’s not quite the middle of January, yet it seems like we’re well into the new year. While some seniors are set, others are waiting anxiously for their college decisions. As I meet with juniors and their families, we take a look at the college timeline, brainstorm lists, discuss testing and make sure the student is focused on keeping the transcript in good shape. Hudson students can go far as long as they’re willing to work hard.

To further your understanding of the college process, we decided to launch the 2018 Hudson Seminar Series consisting of a hot topic each month. Take a look!

  • Tuesday, January 23: Testing Post-PSAT in a High-Stakes Environment
  • Tuesday, February 27: Mapping and Financing Your Student’s College Future
  • Tuesday, March 20: College Night for Hudson Families
  • Tuesday, April 17: Social Media and Your Student’s College Future

The March 20 seminar is open only to Hudson, but we’re welcoming the community to attend the other three. So tell your friends and neighbors. It’s another way we can showcase Hudson. To register, just submit the form at


What are the best ways to prep for the SAT and ACT? At The Hudson School; we don’t want to put undue pressure on students, but at the same time, testing is a reality of high school and the college process. (It’s also a great way to pinpoint issues in core skills and work on them with thoughtful questions.) So not only should you read this thoughtful article by Noodle Pros’ Dan Edmonds, but I also recommend that you come on January 23rd to get your questions answered. Another Noodle Pro, Anna Gazumyan-Silverman, will be here for you.

Financial Aid

Last week, the Wall Street Journal featured “How to Find College Aid-By Yourself or With Help.”  As the Journal points out, “The good news for those who want to do their own legwork is that there are plenty of free resources available.” Professionals are out there, but at a price.

What’s Hudson doing to help? We’re bringing you Hoboken’s Beau Kuhn, Education Funding Adviser, College Application Training. Beau’s agenda will include strategies to maximize money for college (e.g., income adjustments, investments, gifts), mistakes to avoid when applying for college funding, saving for education and information on colleges that give the most merit aid. It’s a must-see presentation.

Social Media

As a parent, you need to keep a close watch on your student’s use of social media. Yet as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, there’s no stopping social media when it comes to proactive use. We’ll have an expert on social media for teens and how it relates to marketing an applicant to admissions officers: Alan Katzman, founder of Social Assurity. I’ve worked with Alan and know he’ll have much to share in April. Be sure to join us.

Crimson Tide Goes Upstream

If you’re into college football, you know that Alabama came back to defeat the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in overtime to clinch the college football National Championship. What didn’t we know? Alabama also has a lazy river! In “No College Kid Needs a Water Park to Study,” an opinion piece in The New York Times, James Koch, previous president of the University of Montana and Old Dominion and now on the board of Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust, states, “In a competition to woo students, public universities are increasingly offering lavish amenities that have nothing to do with education. The latest trend is lazy rivers, which have been installed at several big institutions, including the Universities of Alabama, Iowa and Missouri.”

What gives? Koch explains that “even though the best interests of students and taxpayers revolve around college access, affordability and graduation outcomes, too often presidents and boards are more focused on the rankings, reputation and popularity of the institution itself.”

It’s tempting to float around ‘Bama.

Here in Hoboken, the streets look (sort of) like lazy rivers. But inside Hudson, we’re keeping your students engaged. Keep in touch; schedule your junior meeting and let me know how I can help.

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