College Counselor’s Corner: Things to Know Before You Break

It’s not an average day at The Hudson School. Some students and faculty, including head Paul Perkinson, are off on their service trip to Cuba. Students here are participating in Diversity Day, organized by master craftsman Chris Baker. As they gain insight, let me offer up the latest on all things college.

Geographic Diversity
Those of us on the East Coast often question whether living somewhere else might have enhanced our children’s college chances. Thanks to Noodle Pros, I recently had the opportunity to explore geographic diversity as it relates to college admissions, looking at trends at both elite colleges and public research universities. I started with Higher Ed Data Stories: Freshman Migration from Jon Boeckenstedt, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing at DePaul University. Scott Wilson, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at UCLA, Fumio Sugihara, Director of Admissions at Bennington College, and Casey Decker, Assistant Director of Admission at Chapman University, shared their insights. The results appear in Does It Hurt To Be From New York? Geographic Diversity In College Admissions, published in It’s getting a good deal of traction, so let me know what you think.

More often than not, students approach the college process with uncertainty. Sometimes, they do have a passion for a particular academic discipline or extracurricular activity, but that’s more the exception than the norm. So it was with great interest that I read “Why Teens Need a Sense of Purpose” in the Wall Street Journal. According to author Clare Ansberry, “about 20% of teens are considered purposeful, which means they have identified something that really matters to them and are doing something about it.” Very often, Ansberry notes, students don’t think about purpose until, you guessed it, writing the college essay. To help students with self-discovery, Claremont’s Kendall Bronk has created a toolkit as part of her Fostering Purpose Project. That’s an action item for my break!

Wondering about the direction of the liberal arts? When integrated with STEM programs, they can go a long way.

The latest trend is ethics pooled with computer science. This week, the New York Times took a look at tech’s “dark side” and how elite colleges are dealing with it, including Harvard, MIT, UT Austin, Cornell, NYU and Stanford, which sits at the heart of Silicon Valley. Knowing that in an era of machine learning, “computer algorithms . . could ultimately alter human society, universities are rushing to help students understand the potential consequences.” The article quotes Jeremy Weinstein, a political science professor at Stanford:  “The set of institutions that are generating the next generation of leaders in the technology sector have all got to get on this train.”

Stanford: at the heart of tech and ethics

College Visits
Recognizing that some of you are seeing colleges this long weekend, I’m sharing “Five Tips for a Great Campus Visit,” authored by Jeff Schiffman, Tulane’s Director of Admissions. To get an authentic feel, Schiffman advises checking out campuses during the academic year, factoring in the weather that typifies that campus. He advises prospective students to chat with those on campus beyond the tour guide, eat in the dining hall, come prepared with hard-hitting questions, register with admissions, and take a formal tour.

Check out Tulane when students are on campus.

After Break
Reminder: The Hudson Seminar Series continues on Tuesday, February 27, at 7:00 pm, when Hoboken’s Beau Kuhn presents Mapping and Financing Your Student’s College Future. On Tuesday, March 20, at 7:00 pm, Paul and I will lead College Night for Hudson Families, which is required for all junior families. I hope you’ll all come to hear Alan Katzman on Tuesday, April 17, when he presents Social Media and Your Student’s College FutureTo register, use this link.

Enjoy your break, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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