First Day Reminders for 2017-18 School Year


Weekly memo from The Hudson School to our community.
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First Day Reminders for 2017-18 School Year

September 1, 2017

Dear Hudson School Students and Parents,

For the past eight weeks, teachers and staff have been working daily to prepare for the 39th year of engaging teaching and learning at The Hudson School. Books were ordered, signed for, and sorted. New storage space was created. New computers were checked in, formatted and loaded with software. Fire extinguishers, the school bus, and the elevator were inspected and  certified. We have been hard at work getting things ready. And the work continues.

But…I get ahead of myself!  Good schools are not about things. Good schools are not about buildings, books, computers or schedules. Good schools are fundamentally about people…students and teachers who commit daily to being the very best they can be every day of the school year. They are about learners and teachers holding each other to the highest standards of scholastic endeavor, ethical behavior, and personal integrity. Good schools expect courage, compassion, and commitment from everyone. This is The Hudson School. And this is why we await the start of school and the happy arrival of students with unbounded enthusiasm for the tasks ahead and humble confidence in the steady and masterful accomplishments to come.

On Tuesday, September 5th ALL STUDENTS must be at school by 8:15 a.m. It is a full day of school so please pack a snack and a lunch. School supplies, student handbooks and individual student schedules will be distributed. Lockers will be assigned and identification photos will be taken that day.  Until the first week of October, all students will be dismissed at 3:25 p.m. Our after school activities program will begin on Monday, October 2nd.

From all of us at The  Hudson School, enjoy the final days of summer break.  See you next week.


Paul B. Perkinson
Head of School


Flowers or Plants
We like to start the year with lots of lovely fresh flowers or plants, especially hanging plants, as symbols of the growth we all expect to achieve.

Important documents
(If not already submitted) EMERGENCY INFORMATION CARD (without this, students cannot attend school), Universal Health Form (Must be signed by a doctor and submitted annually.)

Reading Books
We are all readers…hopefully for a lifetime. All students and teachers were issued books to read over the summer. I hope you enjoyed the time alone reading, reflecting, and learning.

Bring a refillable water bottle and a healthy snack and lunch.

Tuition must be paid through August. Students whose tuition is outstanding will not receive their schedules and will be ineligible to attend classes. Contact Kathy P if you have questions or a concern.

Students were issued a summer journal and summer reading assignments (grades 5 & 6) or instructions on creating an online journal/blog. (grades 7 – 12) Guided questions were included in each summer reading bag.

A book bag
Bring your own book bag. Each student will receive basic school supplies, including an assignment book, paper, pencils and  pens.

Bring your best, most energized, mindful, and willing self!  Dress comfortably, sensibility,  and respectfully.


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