Hudson Alumnae Return for “Beyond Fluency” Workshop

Katya and Liz back at Hudson

Last week, two Hudson alums returned to conduct a unique ESL workshop for upper school international students. Katya and Liz met at The Hudson School in middle school and recently created “Beyond Fluency”, a series of workshops that help non-native speakers go beyond proficiency of the English language to find their voice and identity as an English speaker. The Hudson School hosts many international and exchange students from all over the world in order to create a culturally diverse community. Non-native speakers meet together once a week for an ESL-driven class that addresses questions of idiomatic challenges and culture shock. These students participated in the “Beyond Fluency” workshop last Thursday.

Katya and Liz had this to say about their experience:

“In our workshop, we guide the students through thinking and writing exercises, then move on to voice and movement exercises, which allow them to access a subconscious, playful link to English.  We use idioms and colloquial expressions as a springboard to discover the musicality and liveliness of speaking.

We both developed our love of language and performance at The  Hudson School, and it was thrilling to return and share the work we created together with a new generation of students.  Seeing the new (for us!) building in full operation, along with some familiar faces like Mr. Coggins, Ms. Wright, and Ms. Baldwin warmed our hearts.”

Jae, Danila, William and Yuka sharing their stream of consciousness writing

You can read more about Liz, Katya, and”Beyond Fluency” at their website.

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