Hudson Presents a Walk in the Woods

Hudson teachers Jack Coggins, John Koeppl and Vivian Hasbrouk have been working diligently on a Lee Blessing play entitled A WALK IN THE WOODS. 
Two arms negotiators stroll in the woods above Geneva, Switzerland, in the late summer, away from the glare of the negotiating table. They are a Soviet diplomat, Andrey Botvinnik age 57, and John Honeyman age 45, an American negotiator. The two men eventually develop a relationship, although their personalities differ. Botvinnik is friendly and enjoys American culture, Honeyman is formal and idealistic.[2]
No matter your political views, there is something for everyone in this most thought provoking dramatic work.

Why are three faculty members putting on this play?  Two reasons; to launch a teaching artists collective in which to work artistically, and to announce works done by teaching artists to help raise funds and awareness of long needed renovations for our Hudson School theater space for both students and faculty.

Kate Jacobs and Donna Garban at LITTLE CITY BOOKS have scheduled one of our five performances at their popular book store, in an effort to support all things literary, theatrical, and Hudson School!   This is a very generous thing they are doing and we are very grateful for their support and interest!  Below are the dates, times, and locations for the performances.  All ticket proceeds go to the renovation fund.

Please come and see the amazing Jack Coggins and John Koeppl, in A WALK IN THE WOODS, by Lee Blessing. (Directed by Vivian Hasbrouk)

FRI  2/10  7:00PM PERFORMANCE @ The Hudson School

SAT 2/11  7:00PM PERFORMANCE@ The Hudson School

FRI        2/24   8:00PM PERFORMANCE @ LITTLE CITY BOOKS (100 Bloomfield Ave, Hoboken)

SAT  2/25   7:00PM PERFORMANCE @ The Hudson School
SUN 2/26   7:00PM PERFORMANCE @ The Hudson School

To reserve tickets, email

Download (PDF, 1.04MB)

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