Senior Project Presentations 2015

May Projects at The Hudson School are designed to be an opportunity for students to use their intellectual and personal skills to pursue specific interests or passions. Each senior was given the opportunity to plan and execute an original project or take part in an internship over a 2 1/2 week period.  At the end, they were asked to reflect and prepare a TED talk-style presentation about their work and journey for an audience of faculty, board members, family, students and friends.  


Each presentation will be followed by an audience Q&A.  We hope you can come out to support our senior class and engage with them about the interesting work they’ve done.  It should be a fun night.


Please join us at the Open House for the Class of 2015 – May Project Presentations at The Hudson School on Thursday, June 4, 6:00 p – 8:30 p.


Twenty-two students from our graduating class will be giving TED-Talk -style presentations about their varied senior initiatives in one exciting night. Presentations will be taking place in four rooms at once.  You will have the opportunity go from room to room and attend up to five presentations during the course of the evening.




Thanks to the effort and generosity of Jeanne Shanahan, Ron Myrvik, and Janet Wright, we can share with you the May Project “TED Talks” by the Class of 2015.
Please enjoy!
Sara Herrera and Shiri Rozenblat, Senior Project Coordinators

Room 201 

Louis R. – Business: Marketing Internship
Marcus J. – Assistant Art Gallery Director
Raphael B. – Evolution of the Filipino Language through Art
Myles Z. – Court Room Sketch Artist
Emily P. & Anna S. – Photographic History of Manhattan
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Room 301
Isaiah B. – Original Music
Sean F. – Original Teito Monogatari Translation
Jack D.- Theater Review Video Blog
Grace B. – Poetry Book: To 12
Tova S. – Film Script/Adoption Story
Room 304
Chris L. – Chemistry in the Classroom
Sofia H. – Histology Lab Internship
Ezra F. – Aviation: Learning to Fly
Bradley M. – Time & Fitness: Psychological & Physiological

Luisa G. & Seun A.e – Just Do It: Personal Fitness Challenge
Room 305
Grace C. – Dentistry Office Internship
Aliana K.- Local Live Stock Farming
Truce J.- Veterinary Care on a Farm
Maia K. – Midwife/Hospice: Birth/Death
Julia R. – Teaching the Community: Teaching Internship
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