Songwriting: June 18-29

with Mr. Steven Taylor
June 18-29 (M-F)
12-3 pm
Grades 6-12

Learn how to build and write songs! Explore song structure, techniques, lyric rhyming and more.

The Songwriting summer program will consist of creative writing exercises, music theory (focus on chords), song studying and an end of program performance. We will discuss different ways to write a song and we will learn how other famous song writers went about writing their music. There will be opportunities for collaboration and to ask for feedback. Anyone in grades 6 through 12 are welcome to join. Prior experience with creative writing and a knowledge of chords is a plus.

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A non-refundable deposit of $75 per program is required by May 1, 2018 to hold your child’s place. Please send checks or money orders to The Hudson School, 601 Park Ave, Hoboken NJ 07030. Any credit card payments will be charged a 3% convenience fee.

Call 201-659-8335 or email if you have any questions or would like to pay by credit card.

To contact Mr. Taylor directly, email

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