Two Hudson Teachers Honored





Hudson’s Derrick Ladson and Kay Magilavy were inducted this year as Fellows into The Academy for Teachers and chosen to participate in its selective Master Classes.

The Academy for Teachers Master Classes bring exceptional teachers together with leading intellectuals, scientists, and creative artists for a day of high-level instruction and inspiration. They are hosted by the city’s great institutions, which join The Academy in demonstrating that teachers deserve the time and attention of our culture’s best and brightest.

“Only 18 teachers are chosen for each Master Class,” said Sam Swope, president of The Academy for Teachers. “And of those, only four are from private schools. Being selected is a well-deserved honor for both teacher and school.”

Teachers invited to attend Master Classes exhibit passion for their subjects, creativity in their classrooms, and devotion to their students. Educators often describe Master Classes as a highlight of their career.

Mr. Ladson found his class with Robert Battle, Artistic Director of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, to be “everything!” and said, “I feel more motivated than I have in a really long time.”

Ms. Magilavy, who was invited to a Master Class with economist Cecilia Conrad, said,  “It was a remarkable session and the material was very stimulating. Professor Conrad’s role in raising the questions of parity for women and people of color is inspiring.”

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