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The Hudson School would like to thank the individuals who helped to make this website,, possible.

Our gratitude to all of the families who consented for us to use their photos and videos in building this website.

Thank you to the photographers and artists who gave us license to use their work, including: Inna Brovman, Susan Chanin, Tracey Luz, Mimi Park, Paul Perkinson, Steve Pratt, Holly Walker, Steve Wool, Janet Wright, Lisa Wu, Peter Ziebel (See more of his work at

Many thanks to Jeanne Shanahan for the lovely videos she has donated to the school for use on our website.

Especial thanks to Vinn Cameron for  sorting out technical difficulties with installation and set up of wordpress, as well as initial designs, logo vectoring, and our new welcome image.  We could not have launched our new website in 2013 without his assistance!

Thanks to for creating, sharing and providing support for the easy to use platform on which the website is built, which is free of charge to use.

Every effort has been made to include credit for work included in this website.  If we have omitted your name, please let us know of our error so that we may correct it.

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