World Peace may be Achieved at The Hudson School this Summer

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World Peace may be achieved at The Hudson School this Summer

Hoboken, NJ, June 21, 2018 –

The Hudson School will host John Hunter, renowned educator, TED Talk speaker, and subject of the PBS documentary World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, as part of our summer program offerings. Hunter will discuss The World Peace Game along with his teaching methods in a free public presentation on Thursday, July 12, at 6:30 at The Hudson School, located at 601 Park Avenue in Hoboken.

In addition, John Hunter will lead more than 30 middle school students and 25 teachers from as far as Austria in his World Peace Game at The Hudson School the week of July 9.  The students represent various local schools as they work to influence the outcome of 50 interconnected geopolitical crises. Their mission: to solve every crisis within the week in order to achieve world peace. In afternoon workshops, teachers in the master class explore open space curricular design and student engagement and ownership of learning through a series of reflective questions and activities.  Using new insights, teachers plumb the pedagogical principles evident in John Hunter’s work and design their own projects for their students.

“It’s much harder than it looks, and it’s very unpredictable ” commented student Caroline Murphy who played last summer at Hudson. The game is an experiential simulation in which students hold political, economic, military and tribal roles as leaders of four nation teams. Others serve as officers of the World Bank and the U.N. Their goal for the game is to solve all 50 crises and to raise the prosperity level of each nation with the least amount of military intervention. Murphy adds “there are always surprises.”

The continuous game will be played every morning from July 9-13. Each day presents students with the threat of imminent war as they respond to new crises, unexpected natural disasters, and attacks by an unknown saboteur among them as they manage the world’s natural and man-made resources. In keeping with the philosophy of the The Hudson School, students are expected to work in teams, assess circumstances quickly, negotiate, take informed risks, make mistakes and learn how to build upon their experiences. Will, last summer’s prime minister of Heatzekiston, commented “At  first I was thinking of my nation only, and what would help us. At the end I wanted to help others as well.” Students work through surprise, frustration, and bewilderment to complete the game feeling empowered to face global conflicts and work for solutions. When questioned about actual world peace, Murphy responds “I do think it can be achieved with enough work put into it and enough awareness.”


The World Peace Game was brought to Hudson School by sixth grade teacher Catharine Baldwin. The game is a fundamental component of  Hudson’s 6th grade curriculum. Hudson offers the game to students in the community as a summer program. All previous games at Hudson achieved peace but the outcome depends solely upon the players, so each round is as suspenseful as the global crises themselves.

The Hudson School is entering its 40th year of engaged education and active citizenship in the heart of Hoboken. An independent school for grades 5-12, Hudson admits academically motivated students on a need-blind basis. The school’s motto is Courage, Compassion and Commitment. The World Peace Game encompasses the ideals upon which The Hudson School was founded and continues to embrace.

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