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I credit [The Hudson School] for showing me that the acquisition of knowledge is self-directed and self-motivated and not an end in and of itself. What I do with knowledge is what is critical. While I did not know it at the time, the pedagogy is mostly inquiry-based. Students learn how to investigate and make connections for themselves between disparate concepts. I feel the school held at its heart what it means to be an ethical and openhearted person in society. I’m grateful beyond words for the experiences I had there.

Anon., Alumna, Middle School

The faculty [at The Hudson School] is incredible- supportive, driven, eager to push each pupil to his/her best. And teachers are not limited to the classroom: during their free periods, they can often be seen engaging in intensive discussions and intellectual dialogues with their students.

Anon., Alumnus, Upper School

When I entered The Hudson School way back in 1988, I had no idea one place could have such an impact on my life both personally and academically. From summer reading with book reports, to learning Latin and Spanish, to spending a week at a real farm upstate, my experiences at The Hudson School helped make high school a breeze, college not nearly as hard, and gave me a true appreciation of what one can do when they push themselves.

Vernon, Alumnus, Middle School

As an educator now myself, I often look back upon the time I spent at The Hudson School. Such was the scope of of the education curated for us, that rarely does a day go by without recalling a factoid, lesson, or field trip that left a lasting impression on my young mind. A day at THS involved everything from poetry and daisy chains in the sunny neighborhood park, to college-level research at the local university library. It was the perfect balance of the silly and the serious, the mathematical and the mundane.

Nora M., Alumna
[The Hudson School is] a wonderful community, very diverse – sort of like a small U.N. – and I think that that has a lot to do with the fact that…about a third of the school is on scholarship. It makes a tremendous difference in the learning environment. Students are very respectful. They’re extremely tolerant.

Tynia, Parent of Alumnus

The Hudson School may be made of brick and mortar, but the real materials that form this school are those that are born in the heart and the mind…this wonderful institution…seeks to realize its goals every day: to develop compassionate, responsible, principled citizens who are socially conscious and committed to lifelong learning and service.

JL, Alumnus

When we began the process of exploring 5th grade options, after spending a day at The Hudson School, my daughter immediately knew she found her home, where smart was cool, all the students were engaged and challenged and although seemingly diverse all came together with respect for each other’s differences.

Ellen A., Parent of Current Student
At The Hudson School every child is recognized for his or her own value; individuals are honored for their differences and appreciated for their gifts. Unique and exceptional are the norm at The Hudson School. Every child is given the chance to truly become who he or she is meant to be.
Janet & Brian, parents of alumna & Hudson staff/faculty

My son was born with a love of learning and at THS, his critical thinking skills were furthered in an environment of diversity in people and ideas, which espoused compassion and respect.

Haylee, Parent & Trustee

I still have amazing memories from my time at The Hudson School. To able to study Philosophy, Latin, theater as well as reading every classic before 9th grade gave me an incredible foundation. I now live [elsewhere] and even though there are many good private schools in the area, none compare. I have four children and if I lived closer to Hoboken I would send them to The Hudson School without hesitation.

Tanvi, Alumna, Middle School

We sought a [school] where [our son] would be academically challenged but also be supported in growing into a creative, compassionate, well developed human being. Not only did we find what we wanted at The Hudson School, we found what we most needed…

Ghitana & Jerry, Parents of Alumnus

…unfortunately, as parents of minority son, the concepts of fear and safety are too often paramount in our minds…not only does The Hudson School provide a most excellent approach to liberal arts education, not only does it excel at nurturing the intellect and diverse talents of each of its students and teachers, it also has truly proven to be a safe haven for our son.

Ghitana & Jerry, Parents of Alumnus

It is a wonderful home for students and teachers to discover themselves, their passions, and talents in a supportive and nurturing environment. I learned so much in my two and a half years working at The Hudson School.

Nicole, Former Teacher

The Hudson School community and staff have celebrated our milestones as a family and supported us in times of difficulty.

Susan & Joe, Parents, Current Student & Alumna

When your child starts The Hudson School, not only he or she changes in the best possible way but the whole family evolves.

Ozgun, Parent, Current Student

I thank my lucky stars to be able to bring my sixth grader to The Hudson School and have this necessary “out of the box” thinking and teaching surround him everyday!

Ellen P., Parent of Current Student

I graduated from the Middle School in 1988. In those few years, I was stretched academically in ways that I did not comprehend then and have only come to fully appreciate now.

Jack, Alumnus

The Hudson School offers a liberal arts approach to education that is reinforced by the school’s motto: Courage, Compassion and Commitment. I am blessed that my daughter had the opportunity to blossom intellectually and creatively at Hudson and am looking for my son to do the same.

Tatiana, Parent, Current Students
What I love about this school is the teachers and also all the activities: 3D modeling; Japanese cartoon animation; yoga; math; and nutrition. This year in history, we have learned about Egypt and ancient Greece. In my Spanish class, the teacher uses the immersion technique. In art, we do coordinated activities with what we have been learning in history. Even in math, we did something that would connect numbers with how Egyptians used to count. In reading, we read novels that teach us how to be compassionate and brave, and have a sense of community.
M., Grade 5, Current Student

Just walking into The Hudson School, I could feel the strong sense of community, the love of learning and the compassion students and staff felt for one another.

Lisa, Former Teacher

My daughter in the short time she has been at Hudson has grown in ways that are indescribable. As a parent, there is no better feeling knowing that your child is exactly where they should be because you believe in what they are learning on all levels from their education to friendships, to community, to service to others.

Debra, Current Parent

My daughter talks constantly about all that she has learned at school and truly enjoys her time at Hudson. The unique environment at Hudson fosters learning, individuality, creativity as well as fun and fitness. The children go outside for lunch as long as the weather permits and have breaks during the day. This balance is so critical to the children as students but also as tools for life.

Kara, Parent, Current Student
Before The Hudson School, I had been in a school where there was little opportunity for creativity, and where any whiff of enjoyment of academics or literature was mocked as “nerdy.” The Hudson School was a revelation, and my two years there had an enormous impact on who I am today. It was (and is) a nurturing environment, where we were not only challenged academically, we were pushed to engage with the community and the world, and immersed in social justice issues.
Cristin, Alumna

There is simply no way every child that passed through those doors hasn’t been better off for it. The education is exemplary, the community is diverse, the people are great.

Anon., Current Student

Hudson’s need-blind admission ensures every child who passes the entrance exam can attend, so this private school is full of scholars of many colors, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations and socioeconomic groups whose unifying characteristic is their desire to learn. Many of these students have never really engaged with people not “like” them but at Hudson, tentative friendships turn into lifelong bonds.

Elizabeth, Parent of Alumnae & Exchange Student Host Mom

Both of my sons graduated from The Hudson School. Their experience was transformative, mentored by brilliant teachers, taught to think on their own, and to develop true relationships with their teachers and their peers. They were a part of a community that celebrated everything from a deep understanding of the sciences and math, to pushing them out of their comfort zone to participate in the theater program.

Jeanne, Parent Alumni & Trustee

Believe me when I say this, there was never an instance of bullying in this school that I had ever observed; albeit, if there was, it would have been nipped right in the bud. Intolerance was not allowed in Hudson nor was any form of bigotry, ethnocentrism or privilege.

BonBon, Parent of Alumna

I feel like one of the very few, lucky-as-heck people that got to experience school in a way that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Jennie, Alumna

I was a shy child. In my time at The Hudson School, I felt safe, loved and comfortable enough to learn and grow in so many ways, something that changed my life forever.

Ashley, Alumna

The Latin classes I took at The Hudson School, along with the eclectic “electives” gave me a fantastic foundation and breadth to start my education.

Devon, Alumna
The best thing about The Hudson School is the community, which is opening and welcoming on a level that’s pretty much unheard-of in a high school. That comes from a lot of places, but a big part of it is the teachers’ relationships with students; the amount of time and emotional energy that pretty much all the teachers are willing to put towards improving those relationships makes a huge difference…
Anschel, Alumnus
For me, the school was a cultural oasis, allowing me to express and explore creativity every step of the way.
One Stop Mom, Alumna

Other reviews have stressed the rigorous coursework and college preparatory focus; all of this is true, but I think The Hudson School goes even beyond that. …Hudson students are pushed to actively shape their academic experiences. It is not rare for upperclassmen to propose and design their own courses, working closely with teachers in that field. The individual’s passions and capabilities are prioritized above all else; no learning opportunity is sacrificed for bureaucratic expedience.

Alumnus, Upper School
On the academic side, student freedom is probably the biggest thing. I had way more control over my schedule than pretty much anyone else at an accredited high school, and that let me do all the things I love. It allows a student body that’s pretty diverse in terms of interests to coexist in a single school. It also let me get ahead in those subjects I excelled at; other students who were at my level in middle school but went to other high schools ended up falling behind when they couldn’t be fit into the curriculum. And it’s not just me. People like in my class were doing *serious* biology research in high school, that’s nearly unheard-of.
Anschel, Alumnus

I have been a member of many schools- public, private, elite, ivy league- as a student and teacher, and throughout my life I have measured them all by my experience at The Hudson School. No school has come close to it.

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