College Corner

With the help of our college counselor, The Hudson School students submit applications and enroll at institutions that best fit their academic needs and goals. The College Counseling Office helps guide students through every facet of the college search process, including research, visiting college campuses, writing application essays, and navigating financial aid. Students meet one-on-one and in seminar courses designed to empower students to navigate the process confidently.

Our college counselor gets to know each student, carefully understanding and even challenging their aspirations and priorities. The college process is uniquely tailored to support and provide a wealth of information necessary to navigate the college application process. The college process can be challenging, time-intensive, and potentially confusing for students and parents/guardians. The Hudson School will help guide them to what is best and appropriate for the next phase of their academic careers.

Brion J. Morro
College Counselor
The Hudson School
601 Park Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030
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