International Students

The Hudson School has welcomed international and exchange students since our inception in 1978. We have always believed that a culturally diverse community is a rich one.

Some important notes regarding admissions for international and exchange students:

  • Students and families need to arrange their own homestays. THS does not place students with host families.
  • All international/exchange students in grades 5-8 must live with a parent, no exceptions.

There is an additional fee for international and exchange students that covers F-1 visas and international student support including enrollment support, emergency processing, travel assistance, translation assistance and for upper school students, some college application support. 

In addition to steps outlined in the Admissions Process, international students will have an English assessment on all four skills conducted by a THS teacher to ensure correct placement in our curriculum. Please note that international students will be placed in a class according to their abilities rather than their age group.

International and exchange students may waive this step if they do not wish to receive grades or are native English speakers.

In some cases, basic ESL support in school will be sufficient to a student’s needs, including an ESL course and periodic teacher consultation. In most cases, supplemental ESL support in the school, private tutoring and/or additional outside programming will be recommended. THS offers additional ESL private tutoring with a THS faculty member for a fee of $8,000 per year.


Admissions Contact
Tel: 201.683.5247
Email: [email protected]

Tuition/ Financial Aid
Kevin Harrigan
Director of Finance and Operations
Tel: 201.659.8335 x2000
Email: [email protected]