The Hudson School’s educational success is rooted in our diverse and dedicated faculty made up of individuals who are expert in their fields and passionate about sharing their knowledge with children. Many of our teachers have taught at the school since it was founded in 1978 or joined us shortly after, providing our school with continuity and stability. 

Some of them wear multiple hats, serving as instructors and administrators. Most hold advanced degrees. Through regular professional development, teachers keep up with the newest technologies and diverse pedagogical methods. They see themselves not only as practicing experts in their respective fields but also as role models for students expanding their own horizons and discovering their own potential. The enthusiasm that each of these instructors brings to the classroom is infectious. Students are easily caught up in their excitement for learning.

The school’s innovative teaching staff includes poets and authors, actors and theater directors; dancers, singers and musicians; athletes, sports enthusiasts and fitness trainers; photographers, sculptors and painters; computer technicians, video and filmmakers; former Peace Corps volunteers, guidance counselors and psychologists, anthropologists and historians; linguists and classical scholars; mathematicians, engineers and scientists, among others. Teachers come from all over the world, bringing a wide range of diverse experiences and perspectives to the school and, because of the school’s proximity to the greater metropolitan area, teachers are able to take advantage of the many nearby cultural opportunities and turn the concept of a “school without walls” into a reality.