Alumni Profiles

Meet some of our Alumni:

Olivia Newman '96

Film Director and Screenwriter


Olivia Newman graduated from the Upper School in 1996, the second ever high school graduating class.

She currently works as a Film Director and Screenwriter. She is best known for her work on the film First Match where she was both the director and writer. Her newest film that she directed, Where the Crawdads Sing,  was nominated a Hollywood Music in Media Award and a People's Choice Award.


Max Feinstein '06


Producer and Studio Owner at Silverhorse Sound


I work mainly out of my own studio, Silverhorse Sound, in Hoboken, and take a great deal of pride in being at the service of the local music community. Last summer I had the privilege of running a concert series in Hoboken's South West Park on behalf of the city, which presented its own challenges and thrills.

I'm currently working on my own music and preparing to release a single and an album. Beyond that, I am preparing to bring a product of my own development to the music equipment marketplace.

In 2022, Max succeeded in getting a patent for a musical instrument that he invented. You can read more about it and check out his music here.

Molly Reckford '07

Dartmouth College for Psychology & Government


THS taught me how to question traditional thinking and how to engage with what I was learning. I attribute a good deal of my independence and desire to continue learning to the time that I spent at Hudson. 

After graduating from Dartmouth College, I returned to Hoboken and worked in sales and trading, and then as a research analyst for two and a half years. I am a member of the US National Team for rowing, and I competed in Linz, Austria at the World Rowing Championship. Now, I’ve left my job to move to Florida and training full time to make the team for the next summer Olympics.

Molly accomplished her dreams of competing in the Olympics. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Molly represented team US in the rowing lightweight double sculls. Her and partner Michelle Sechser placed 5th in the finals, just one second behind the first place team.

Myles Zhang '15

Columbia University & Oxford University 

Majoring in History & Theory of Architecture 


I will remember Hudson for the relationships I formed with faculty and for their dedication to teaching. Ms. Packer taught me art history and studio art one-on-one for a full year in preparation for my undergraduate studies. And Mr. Gould taught me American and European history over four years; college level courses that counted toward my Columbia degree. 

Myles Zhang was an undergraduate student at Columbia and Oxford University. He is currently a graduate student at Cambridge University in architecture and urban studies. 

Chris Langer '15

Vassar College for a B.A. in Biochemistry with Honors 


One of the things I valued most about The Hudson School was the interactions between teachers and students. Some of the fondest memories I have are from sitting in a teacher's office after hours and chatting about interests or current events.

This summer I will start working at Rockefeller University in New York City. I will be researching how new genes come into existence, and what their roles are within an organism. 

Minal Patel MD, MS '84

B.A. and M.D. completed at Boston University internal medicine Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, Masters degree in Public Health from Harvard

Faculty of Medicine at Harvard


When I look back over the years, it is clear to me that my time at The Hudson School was probably the most intellectually and personally stimulating, as compared to the years of higher education at world renowned institutions. It was in these early years where the most fundamental learning happened for me. I learned how to learn... making the subsequent years manageable. 

As CEO of Abacus Insights, a healthcare technology company, most of the decisions I make professionally and personally are guided by the principles that were taught to me at The Hudson School.


Ashley Hearon-Smith '03

Marymount Manhattan College for a B.A. in Communication Arts


...with a focus in Film and Television Production, and Digital Media. After 4 years in Television Production (The Martha Stewart Show & Wendy Williams), I left to pursue my first love, acting-- something that was nurtured at The Hudson School.

Currently I am the producer and host of HudsonCounty60, an unscripted Instagram Docuseries, highlighting the best businesses, restaurants, people and products in Hudson County.



On October 26th the city of Hoboken unveiled a new mural by THS Alumnus, Distort. The mural, located above 1312 Adams Street, celebrates three incredible women who are Hoboken legends.This incredible project visible from the Hoboken Viaduct was made possible by Golden Mural Paints, Jerry’s Artist Outlet, Storage Deluxe and the City of Hoboken and assisted by Hiro Hubbard.  

Video by Timothy Hughes and Greg Pallante.  


Meagan Gutierrez ‘08

First Grade Spanish Immersion, Avenues: The World School


One notable aspect of Hudson was the nurturing environment that it provided for its students. It was one conducive to learning, and it was clear that teachers were invested in us. They came in early, worked during their free periods, and stayed late reading papers, labs, or explaining functions for what must have felt like the tenth time that day.

Their passion for teaching transcended the classroom walls; it spilled into the hallways, out of the building, and into the real world. 

Alexandra V. Loizzo-Desai ‘05

Associate Editor, Marketing and Communications, Fordham University     


At Hudson I was surrounded by teachers who cared about me and my peers as a whole person, not just as a student or as a grade. My experiences at Hudson made me love reading, writing, collaborating, and understanding the world in shades of grey.

And, because of my teachers, I learned to do those things well.

Alex Eng '08

Math Department Chair, The Hudson School


When I was a student at The Hudson School, I was always comforted by the sense of camaraderie among my peers and dedication by my teachers.

Now that I am one of those teachers, I hope to provide my students with the same sense of belonging that had  guided me throughout my years at Hudson and help them grow into knowledgeable and compassionate people.

Jonathan Kaiman '01

Journalist, Researcher, and Translator


I’ve been based in Beijing for the past five years, working mainly as a journalist but with short stints as an academic researcher, a consultant, and a freelance translator.

This spring I’ll be starting a new job as an Asia correspondent for The Los Angeles Times, still based in Beijing but with the opportunity to travel widely.


A testament to the power of bonds formed at THS: a bunch of Hudson Alumni were at the wedding of Robin McGrath (HS Class of 2005). It was great to pick up where we left off after so many years and many of us continue to stay in touch. Powerful bonds are hard to break, and it is always great to celebrate the rich culture that we cultivated as friends that is so strongly derived from our time within the walls of THS.

Viraj Desai, Alumnus '05