Our History


I could no longer accept that what my three school-age children were learning in their public classrooms had any relationship to what they would need to know, or to what society would demand of them as adults. To remain open minded, enthusiastic learners, able and ready to take risks was my hope for them. At that moment I decided to start my own school.

Suellen Newman

Founder of The Hudson School



A Renaissance of Education

In 1978, the state of New Jersey directed its school districts to provide educational programs to better accommodate their gifted and talented students. Suellen Newman, along with a group educators and parents in Hoboken, initiated a modest demonstration to help the local district improve its curriculum. Newman received a grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to fund The Hudson School, with hopes that it would serve as a model for the public schools.

In the fall, The Hudson School opened its doors at 506 Park Ave with 18 middle school students and six teachers. It was Suellen's vision to establish a school/learning community that would open new windows on the world for its students and teachers, constantly challenge ethnocentric views, encourage scholarly pursuits and artistic expression while balancing western and non-western traditions, gender and minority studies, and provide an open forum for dialogue and debate.




In the Heart of Hoboken

The Hudson School has always been in the heart of Hoboken, from the early years that consisted of 8 rooms in the Hoboken Public Library, to the late 1980s when classes were held in pockets throughout the city.

Church Square Park has always been essential to THS students, since our founding to today. In 1989 the school was instrumental in its revitalization for a safer, cleaner place for students to play and enjoy lunch.



Advocating for a High School



In 1991 there were very few secondary schools in Hoboken. In response to a student petition, the board voted to add a high school program.






A Home at 601 Park Ave

In 1995 The Hudson School finally found a home at 601 Park Avenue. The Martha Institute, constructed in 1866, was originally a parochial school and later served as the first public high school in Hoboken.

After a capital campaign that took place over 15 years, The Hudson School rebuilt the Martha Institute, re-creating the historic façade. In December 2002 students and faculty moved into the current building.




Opening New Doors



In July 2016 Paul B. Perkinson became the new head of school. Paul is an experienced school head, having led schools in Blue Hill, Maine, and Charlottesville, Virginia.






Pivot and Connect

On Tuesday, March 17 at 8:30 AM, The Hudson School began its first day of distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers and students alike quickly adapted to this new mode of teaching and learning, while maintaining a strong sense of community and connection. 






Looking Toward Tomorrow

Since its founding, The Hudson School has grown ten-fold. The current learning community consists of 196 students and 50 faculty and staff members. Steadfast on its mission, The Hudson School acquired 609 Park Avenue to help the growth of the school and sustain its future.





Better Together

For the 2023-2024 school year, The Hudson School Middle School moved into the 4th floor of Mustard Seed School. In September 2023, an announcement was made that the two schools would merge for the 2024-2025 school year under the name of The Hudson School. The Hudson School would become the only Preschool- Grade 12 independent school in Hudson County.