Upper School Overview

At The Hudson School, an upper school student benefits from extraordinary access to faculty and a collaborative learning community with real-life experiences. We believe this approach builds confidence and character.


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If, instead of the answer, you seek the right question, you will have found your answer.

Jack Coggins, Assistant Head of School


Here, students learn to be socially-conscious, contributing members to society. They are sensitive to differences, empathetic and open-minded. We instill intellectual and social values that equip our students to be both lifelong learners and responsive members of the human community.


Upper School Graduation Requirements

4 Years of English
3 Years of Math, including Statistics
4 Years of Physical Education
2 Years of Health 
3 Years of Science
3 Years of History
3 Years of the same World Language
2 Years of Computer Science
Completion of Latin II
2 Years of Music and the Arts, and one music, art, or performing arts elective
2 Years of Electives
1 Year of Senior Seminar
1 Year Personal Finance
20 Hours per year of Community Service

You can view our Upper School Course Catalog here!