Our Philosophy

Our Mission: The Hudson School provides intellectually inquisitive students with a rigorous and relevant college-preparatory education that inspires independent thinking and intellectual risk-taking. Our goal is to develop compassionate, responsible, principled citizens who are socially conscious and committed to lifelong learning and service. The school fosters an eclectic and supportive environment that challenges students and faculty to develop their passions and talents through a stimulating, balanced and creative interdisciplinary curriculum.

The Hudson School recognizes that the human mind has a natural affinity for thought. Since we know that children learn naturally in and outside the classroom and that they live in an increasingly interdependent and complex world, we welcome diverse learning styles and encourage alternative approaches to learning. We are committed to promoting the development of those skills and capabilities necessary for students to participate intellectually and creatively as responsible adults in a changing global environment.

Our school embraces the whole child. We strive to engage children's individual imaginations. We nurture self-respect, self-confidence and consideration for others. Our students are firmly grounded in the discipline appropriate to their own endeavors and to working cooperatively and productively in groups. At the same time, students learn to express ideas effectively and know how to place these ideas within their social, cultural and scientific contexts.

We believe these approaches to learning also build character and stir the spirit of young people. Our students learn to be socially conscious contributing members to society, sensitive to differences. They are empathetic and open to possibilities. The intellectual and social qualities we instill in our students equip them to be both life-long learners and socially-conscious and responsive members of the world.

We learn to love, and love to learn

The Hudson School is a learning community where individual talents can be shared and celebrated in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. The school’s small size and receptive staff provide opportunities for teachers to be creative, to collaborate and to experiment with curriculum design. It constantly seeks to challenge ethnocentric views. There is a spirit of intellectual risk-taking for teachers and students as well as a continuous process of self-evaluation.

Opportunities for improving methodology or expanding pedagogical skills, as well as deepening interdisciplinary knowledge, are encouraged. The school has been guided since its founding by these essential values: high ethical standards, respect for individual differences, concern for the environment and support for what is special in each student and in each teacher. We learn to love, and love to learn.